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This page is about a art archive and story archive.
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TFCentral was a community portal that specialized in Transformation content. It also provided Free Hosting, Art Archive, Story Archive, Blog, Forums, and E-mail for the transformation community.

About the site[edit]

It was divided into several distinct areas:

  • Hosting: The jewel of TFCentral's offerings; free subdomain based hosting. Includes industry standard linux based webhosting tools.
  • Art Archive: A transformation art archive, based off of Menalto's Gallery 2 software. Anyone with a TFCentral account can publish their artworks.
  • Story Archive: A transformation story archive, allows reviewed submittion of stories and has full search and keyword indexing abilities.
  • Blog: Allows TFCentral members to share a piece of their lives, a journal per se.
  • Forums: Community forums based off of vBulletin software.
  • Chat: Live AJAX based chat service.
  • Community Sites: Links to other related, but not associated, web sites.
  • E-mail: Free * e-mail address. Utillizes Gmail technology.

Hosted users[edit]

TFCentral was home to many transformation and furry artists. A partial listing included:

In the months leading up to its death, many TFCentral sites vanished, without explanation from TFCentral's administrator(s).

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