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TDK is an artist specializing in erotic fanart, most of it of furry nature.



"TDK" is believed[citation needed] to be a pseudonym used by furry artist Eric W. Schwartz. The debacle started after the posting of an image in June 23, 1996 (signed "TDK") titled MNRVASEX.gif,[1] which features Animaniacs' characters Minerva Mink and Wilford Wolf involved in a sexual tryst, while Animaniacs character Newt looks on.

The allegation imputation is based on the beliefs by some[who?] of the similarity of drawing style between the artists, and some third party logs first published on the critic site Crush! Yiff! Destroy!.[2]

No final, hard evidence has either confirmed or dismissed this allegation.


TDK does not have a personal central site(s) where artwork with his handle are displayed. Most of his images can be found on image board sites such as e621, Rule34, fchan and, among many others.


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