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TBOF (Take Back Our Fandom! Movement, also known as "Take Back Our Fandom Brigade". Mid 1996) was a furry ideological group, mostly rooted in conservative ideals rather than furry hate ones, that came to being as a non-intended consequence of the backlash against Richard Chandler's "Mass Graves" editorial in Gallery #25.

The politics behind "Six Shallow Graves"[edit]

Initially a personal, public commentary(*) in February of 1995 between Yarf! art director Dave Bryant, and fellow furry artist Zjonni, its basic principle continued to germinate through all of 1995 into mid 1996 on the alt.fan.furry and alt.lifestyle.furry Usenet groups. It was repeatedly raised as a valid point or quickly dismissed as a joke, until it was picked, reshaped and published as an editorial by Richard Chandler in Gallery #25 where he applied the principle to broad groups he thought were only tangentially related to the fandom that were bringing it down.

Well, frankly, I think it's time we collectively said "Enough is Enough!" Things are not going to get better by themselves. Tolerance and political correctness and even manners be damned, we have to reclaim our fandom. —Rich Chandler, Gallery #25

This idea was extensively discussed in the above mentioned newsgroups, generating "Pro" and "Con" camps around the editorial's idea, with the "Pro" side quickly labeled the "Take Back Our Fandom Brigade," a title they took on as their identity. Their ideals were almost a duplicate of the early "furry ideological group" "SOF", albeit with an hasher tinge to it. The incidents at CF8, and the supposed tolerance of fandom towards its fringe elements gave them enough rhetoric fuel to last until late 1998, with most of its members moving on, moving out, or joining other fur and anti-fur groups and movements of that time period.

As with "SOF", this group yearned for the second coming of the "Golden Age of Furrydom," even though as with the first group, there was considerable disagreement as to exactly when the "Golden Age" had been.


(*) The actual quote: "Many Fen agree that most of fandom's problems could be solved with six shallow graves. Where people differ is in who should fill those graves." (Dave Bryant, February 1996)

Although this written comment formed the core idea for "Six Shallow Graves", and had been similarly espoused ideologically by SOF and TBOF, neither Dave Bryant or Zjonni approved or supported neither idea or groups. Richard Chandler followed up the editorial in Gallery #26 with "Pedestals", an editorial praising aspects of the fandom, which was largely ignored in the controversy over "Mass Graves".

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