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Skychaser (aka TAC) is a fantasy and anthropomorphic artist in British Columbia, Canada. Her fursona is a light gray wolf.


Born in Raleigh, North Carolina she moved to Waterville, Kansas when her parents separated. She graduated from high school with honors and then discovered the wonderful world wide web where she met some online friends. So from 1995 she has lived in California, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Washington with those friends. In August 2005 she got married to a Canadian in beautiful Banff, Alberta.


Skychaser's image is a female wolf with light grey to white fur and brown eyes. Though mostly seen in were form with the same colorations but including mane like hair that reaches down to the mid back.


Skychaser is a self taught artist with high school training background. She has been drawing since she was a kid even in elementry school, arts and crafts were always her favorite subject. Her main tools are color pencils in the traditional media and photoshop cs2 in digital media. Her main subjects she is strong in drawing are dragons and wolves. She does take commissions at her website Wolven Dreams. She is also a photographer.


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