Trigger Happy Squirrel

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Trigger Happy Squirrel
Real name William J. Di Fazio[citation needed]
Born May 22, 1973[1]
Date of death May 31, 2021
Death place Fallbrook, California, USA[1]
Profession or hobby Fursuiter, plushie collector
Character species North American gray squirrel
Trigger Happy Squirrel at Further Confusion 2006.
Trigger Happy Squirrel's giant inflataplushie.

Trigger Happy Squirrel was a fursuiter and plushie collector who lived in Fallbrook, California, USA.

Fandom involvemnent[edit]

Trigger Happy Squirrel was a mainstay at many furry conventions and furmeets with his large oversized and giant plushies and inflataplushies. He made appearances at many furmeets and was a constant visitor at furry houses, such as the Prancing Skiltaire and Hotel Yorba.

Trigger Happy appeared in the July 2007 edition of Popular Photography & Imaging.


Trigger Happy Squirrel's fursona is a North American gray squirrel based on a squirrel character design from a sketch on Trigger Happy TV.


Trigger Happy Squirrel's fursuit was built by Rainbow Productions,[2] and is the same influenced design as his fursona.

The suit was being repaired and updated by fursuit maker Crazyjoe1952 at the time of his passing (See section: Death).

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) First furry con
(**) Registered for 2010, but did not go due to illness. He did not want to get worse and spread Con Crud



Trigger Happy Squirrel died on May 31, 2021. After doing yard work in the back, his mother found him passed out, then called the paramedics. He was then pronounced deceased at the hospital. The cause of death is not presently known.


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