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Sypress is furry fan whose fursona is a Lupogryph.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He's generally lesser known among most, despite his reputation with the popular IRC network, Anthrochat. He now resides on the IRC network, FurNet, where he can be located in the channel, #gryphon.

He can also be found under the name Sypress on the TeamFortress 2 servers run by Cc2iscooL.


A Lupogryph, a fictional furry species created by Sypress, is a hybrid much like a standard gryphon (and are also classified as such), except for the fact that the feline portion of their body is comprised of wolf or canine instead. In special cases, such as the Sypress' lupogryph character, they are a complete hybrid, containing traits from all 3 species.

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