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Sylvan is both the fursona of Sylvan Scott on FurryMUCK as well as his nickname within furry fandom. He discovered furry fandom in 1994 when loaned a copy of the fanzine The Centaur's Gatherum Newsletter edited by Ed Pegg Jr. He was already a member of the larger speculative fiction fandom at the time and found that his love of Greek myth, Warner Brothers cartoons, and anthropomorphic characters in general matched well with the sub-culture. He lives in Columbia Heights, Minnesota and is both an activist (in LGBT and pagan religious issues) and essayist.

He remains a writer in the fandom under the pen name "Sylvan Scott". His first professional furry fiction publication was "The Long Walk" in "Fang, volume 4" (2012). Prior to that he published the tabletop RPG module, "UnDead & Buried" for Mayfair Games' RPG, "Chill" (1991) and between 2003 and 2004 was a reporter and essayist/commentator for the GLBT newspaper, "LivingOUT". He frequently writes short fiction with macrophile themes. Other works of note include The Sociology of Furry Fandom, a Subculture Study in 2000. A historian by training, he consulted with a doctoral sociology candidate about his research and compiled the online paper to be a short examination of furry fandom's subculture at that time. Other short fiction of his is archived on Fur Affinity, SoFurry, and Smashwords.

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