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Sylo Metaxas, also known as Durrgon, is an artist who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.[1]

She was dating Rave Fox from June 16, 2011, to July 16, 2013.


Sylo's fursona is an white eastern dragon-hybrid with soft blue markings on her chest, forehead, arms, legs, hips and inner thighs.[2] She has very lengthy grey hair that flows to the small of her back; hair is also found running along the top of her tail to the tip, as well as on the back of her calves and forearms.

Sylo's eyes are both a soft shade of silver. Her paw pads, horns and claws are black. She is covered in a short layer of very soft fur, except for her under belly and inside webbing of her wings, which have light cream-colored scales. She also has three cream-colored plates that adorn the top of her muzzle, running from the tip of her nose to her forehead.

The inside of her mouth and ears are also the same shade of blue as her other markings. The tips of her ears, front paws, and back paws are also brushed with the same color blue. All her markings constantly glow soft blue and get more intense the more emotional she is feeling.


Sylo has attended:


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