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SylCon was an annual invitation-only furmeet attended by 20-30 furries held around New Year's Eve in the Harz Mountains in northern Germany. Created in 1996, it had long been considered the longest-running German furry event, but it finally stopped after New Year's Eve 2007/2008.

The first SylCon was held in 1996 when Nobs invited fourteen furs to the farm Burg Lutter owned by some friends he knew since his time at university. The location is very simple, no comfort like central heating. No internet is available, even cell phone reception is poor.

Nobs ran this con for some years till Akeela took over.

Events and Incidents[edit]

  • first Sylcon experienced one of the coldest winters there with stable -25°C and several cm icicles on the inner side of the windows
  • once nobs forgot to schedule the site and the site staff rescued the event be renting their large private kitchen to the con
  • Cablecat crew donated a backed suckling pig once
  • in general the con is famous for good cooking

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