Sword & Sarcasm

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Sword & Sarcasm
The Chronicles of Herbert & Benedict
Author(s) John Jackson Miller and Chuck Fiala
Update schedule Ended
Launch date March, 2008
End Date August, 2010
Genre Fantasy, comedy
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Sword & Sarcasm is a webcomic by John Jackson Miller and Chuck Fiala. Falling within the sword and sorcery genre, the story contains several anthropomorphic animal characters.


The main characters in Sword & Sarcasm are:[1]

  • Duke Benedict, once-ruler of the Duchy of Tyranto. One of the worst rulers in the world, he was deposed by his own people but plans to take back his position.
  • Herbert, a mercenary who claims to be a minotaur. Duke Benedict originally thinks that Herbert is the answer to retaking his kingdom, but soon learns that Herbert is under the effect of a number of curses.
  • The Choral Jinn, invisible spirits who follow all beings in their world, documenting their lives and writing history, literally, as it happens. Normally intangible, Herbert and anyone in his presence can hear them.
  • Jelron the Beige, an infamous, spiteful, and mischievous wizard who cursed Herbert to have to follow Benedict.
  • Slobber, a feral Wuulfenkind who lives in the Forest of Thuungol.
  • Lord Belchester, the power-broker for one of Tyranto's neighbors, the country of Gadlin.
  • Nibble, the leader of a flock of carnivorous ducks.
  • Casmerelda, a former apprentice of Jelron. When she gave him the cold shoulder, he cast a spell fusing her and her kitten familiar, turning her into a cat-girl sorceress.
  • Fenster, Casmerelda's replacement familiar. He is an upright and moral mouse who does not care much for magic.

Publishing history[edit]

Sword & Sarcasm began in March, 2008,[2] and ended in August, 2010,[3] after seven chapters totalling 166 strips. In addition to being archived online, the entire series was made available as a purchasable pdf file.[4]


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