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Seth Vermin's fursona, Hunter.

Seth Vermin, also known as FatalSyndrome (born on October 1, 1992),[1] is a furry artist and cartoonist who lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.[2]

He is attending college for a degree in illustration, and enjoys cooking as a hobby.


Seth Vermin's fursona is a mangy, submissive, anthropomorphic demon hedgehog named Hunter.[3] Seth has stated that Hunter:

Seth Vermin
My fursona, most personal character, literally a fictional anthropomorphic animal version of me in every way.
Seth Vermin


Seth is known for his grungy, angry artwork with very bold lines. A lot of his work is based in anger-related emotions and hyperactivity, although he does experience other moods to fuel him artistically at times.


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