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SweFurCon was a convention that was scheduled to take place for the first time in 2009. It would be somewhere in Stockholm over the weekend, with the theme "Furries och djur" ("Furries and animals"). The driving force behind the convention was Wolfy|Sajber, with help of the webhosting AnraX and graphics of the ThunderWolf. The Convention's staff also included Lynx who was listed as "security tech guy" on the Convention website.

At the beginning of november 2008 was still no date set for the Convention, and the last message on the website was "SweFurCon is still alive", dated 10 October. The information on the website included, nor any information about the price point or similar convention.

The Convention's website at the beginning of December 2009 was inactive, having no date for the convention ever advertised. Therefore it can be assumed that the project is closed.

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