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Svenska Furries Forum (Swedish Furries' Forum) is, as its name implies, an online forum for Swedish furries, founded by quoting_mungo on May 12 2009[1]; shortly after SveaFur's outage and subsequent loss of data that same month. With inspiration from DKFurs' forum, SFF welcomes posts in English and encourages Swedish-speaking users to respond to English posts in English, effectively giving the forum two official languages.

The forum's welcome message stresses that it's intended as a neutral meeting place for Swedish furries, where no user should have cause to feel unwelcome.[2] The rules document reiterates this.

SFF is hosted on a subdomain on WikiLurv's domain, primarily because that was the most community-oriented domain quoting_mungo currently had active and she didn't wish to register a new domain for it at the time. There is a possibility that SFF will be migrated to a new domain of its own in the future.

As of December 2013 the forum is overrun by spambots and there is no sign of real user activity. The last post by the board admin was in July of the same year.

As of August 2014, the forum is unusable. It shows no posts (despite high numbers on the post and thread counters), and posting is impossible.


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