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surikat by Terrie Smith.
surikat by Reddie.

Surikat (Surik, Surikata, mad meerkat) is a furry writer from San Diego, California. He has been part of the fandom since 2000. He classified himself as furry in 2002, when he was introduced to the roleplaying MUCK Vagrant by, ironically, a non-fur friend and stanch anti-fur.

He's a graduate of the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, with a BA in Global Studies and Maritime Affairs: this includes maritime policy, maritime terrorism, energy and port security. He's a licensed FSO and an expert on Eco-terrorism and Filipino terrorism networks. He was one of three furs at the school.

He regularly attends Califur, Califur Diego, and Further Confusion. Routinely seen with a South African military badge pinned to an Israel Defense Forces Paratroopers Brigade messenger bag.

His fursona is a anthropomorphic Meerkat with no real distinguishing marks. Surikat also goes by an alternate fursona named Intifadakat. This fursona routinely tries to pawn off uranium to con goers in the name of the furhad.

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