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SurFur logo (2016+)

Surfur is an annual furry campout on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The event was formerly known as Island FurBQ, a group project started by Tj Bluevulpine and Lady Serpent in 2009. Island FurBQ 2012 was the last event before the event evolved into what is now Surfur.

Tiuk the Wasgo[edit]

Surfur's official mascot is Tiuk the Wasgo, a "mythological creature found in native folklore, primarily Haida".[1] Tiuk was designed by Soulscape.

Surfur 2013[edit]

The first event of its name held at Taylor Arm Provincial Park, Sproat Lake, BC. Using the older Island FurBQ model as a base, the event was redesigned in a new space that allowed more growth in terms of guests and event space. The event was noted for its impressive lighting and high power sound system provided by Mervatude. Other activities included were surfing, a rock band tournament, demonstrations by Professor Whovianart and Theron, and our traditional hike to the canso bomber. A total of 15 were in attendance.


Surfur 2014[edit]

SurFur 2014 logo

Theme: Surfing Safari

The event returned to Taylor Arm Provincial Park, and although the weekend experienced rainy periods, it didn't seem to dampen the spirits of attendees. Upgrades were added to the lighting and sound system, as well as a trampoline was set up and a shower had been built utilizing a nearby water source.

Along with the surf excursion, bomber hike and visit to Tofino, the 2014 event also introduced tie-dye event shirts. A total of 29 were in attendance.


  • Chair - Tj Bluevulpine
  • A/V and Tech Support - Mervatude
  • Medic - Bandit
  • Security - Milo
  • Art - Soulscape and Lady Bones

Surfur 2015[edit]

Theme: Furassic World

The event was again held at Taylor Arm Provincial Park, where the weekend was dry and temperatures reached 35°C. This had prompted the creation of Trucktub: a mobile pool with attachable water heater in the back of a truck bed. The shower system was upgraded, and with the use of 800 feet of piping and a more powerful pump, the shower was placed in the main event space. 2015 was the first year Convention Master was used, bringing in a multiple tier registration system. Along with all our previous amenities, 2015 included a VIP lounge with ice cream and sparkling white whine. A total of 49 were in attendance.


  • Chair - Soulscape
  • A/V and Tech Support - Mervatude
  • Medic - Bandit
  • Security - Milo
  • Art - Soulscape and Lady Bones

Surfur 2016[edit]

Theme: Barbarians

Once again, the event returned to Taylor Arm Provincial Park. The weather ranged from 29°C to 34°C with one misty day. Due to a longer spring, the lake was a bit colder than usual, though this didn't stop guests from indulging themselves on the hot days. This was also the first year a trip to Hot Springs Cove was planned and executed. With 14 people going in total, the trip was a success. The event had brought back a meal plan option, and set up an entire kitchen, complete with an ice cream freezer for sponsored attendees. A total of 81 were in attendance.


  • Chair - Mervatude
  • Event Coordinator - Tj Bluevulpine
  • A/V and Tech Support - Mervatude
  • Art - Lady Bones

Surfur 2017[edit]

Theme: Elements (The Fifth Element)

The event was scheduled for July 7-11, 2017 at Taylor Arm Provincial Park.[2]


  • Chair - Tj Bluevulpine
  • Vice Chair - Bandit
  • Meal Plan - Jerome
  • Social Media - Ren
  • Website - Dragonman Mike
  • A/V and Tech Support - Mervatude
  • Art - Tj Bluevulpine

Surfur 2018[edit]

The event was scheduled for June 22-26, 2018 at Taylor Arm Provincial Park.[3] Attendance was restricted to adults (19+) "due to issues in our previous years".[4]


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