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Suran is a fursuiter from Germany whose character is a Red Fox.

He has been in the fandom since the early 1990s.
His very first convention was Eurofurence 3 in 1997.


In the fandom he is mostly known for running the adult-shops and mainly focused on European furs.

how to spot a fox[edit]

Suran can be easily spotted on the Furrymap.
He spends a significant amount of time in Pantherchat.
He can also be found in the Furbase and Eurofurence forums.
He once was on Second Life as Suran Flintoff.


Suran is also an active fursuiter.


He made two fox suits himself.
One, hand-made with more then a year of work, and a second one created using an overlock-sewing-machine in only a few weeks.
The shell of the second suit's head later broke and his attention was then focused on creating a completely new suit instead of the difficult repairs that would be needed.


Some years later he had a body made for a Lance Ikegawa head he won in a charity auction at Eurofurence.
This third suit had its debut at Mephit Mini Con in 2008 and was finished for Eurofurence 14 in 2008.
Its body was created by AtalonTheDeer and improved and changed later on by Suran himself.

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