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Super Furry, or Super-furry, is a character created on the art site deviantART that parodies and makes fun of furries and the furry fandom.


The character's account was started on 1 October 2005, and has slowly built a small fan base, mainly users of the image board site 4Chan. Super Furry’s style is of poorly drawn stick figures and horrendous spelling and grammar and claims of being in love with his pet dog Jasmine.

It is not publicly known who Super Furry's creator is. There has been speculation that Super Furry is DA user Andrew Dickman.[1]

Super Furry had a deviantART ID that used an image of a young man that is also used on comedy website Jeff K. Jeff K is a parody website of websites run by teenagers and uses the same typing style as Super Furry.

Getting historical figures confused is another comedy style that Super Furry uses. He has “confused” Elvis with Jesus on many occasions and on the deviation “FUrry REVolution”. Super Furry has altered a picture of Che Guevara to look like a furry and claims the image is of John Lennon.

Super Furry
Jhon Lenon wil not mind mee ussing a picture off him becoz he is a verry nice man!!! Hee wass in a band colled tha munnkeys!! all the songs were abot beeing nice too peple and nont beeing closed minnded!!! I dont cknow if anny one in the bannd wass a furry or not.hooray foor the furrny revoluton!!!
Super Furry

Starting a “furry Revolution” and fighting “furry Haters” plays a large role in Super Furry’s art work and message comments.

Not everyone sees the funny side, on 17 March 2007 a deviantART user called Burst-Design posted a deviation containing copies of a conversation he claimed he’d had with Super Furry proving that the Super Furry character wasn’t real. Super Furry responded with a drawing.[2] Burst-Design’s Deviation was taken down after a day due to wide spread abuse from Super Furry Fans. Some furries, like Equivamp, who, even if they can have a good laugh atthe fandom, cannot stand his work.


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