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The Sunweavers are a furry community in Second Life. It is led by Rita Mariner, who owns most of the land. They are noted for several things, notably having a number of skilled and creative residents, being the home of one of the virtual world's more successful Relay for Life teams, and their clubs and parties.

The Sunweavers were formed in 2007, with the original members being Rita Mariner, Shockwave Yareach, Dusk Griswold, Jenni Greenfield, Windy Lurra, Brolly Field, and Robin Hyacinth. They originally made their home on the Second Life mainland, but soon moved to a private sim, Sunweaver Isle, and expanded as their numbers grew.

Currently the main landmass of the Sunweaver's land consists of ten sims, Six are full sims, Sunweaver Space, Sunweaver Bay, Sunlight Bay, Sunny Beach, HV Community, and Pacific Waters. The other four are homestead sims that were added in 2017, Sunweaver Eclipse, SunWater One, SunWater Two, and SunWater Three. The Sunweaver isle and Purrfextion Estates sims are separate. A road goes through the six main sims. There is plenty of beach area around.

Notable members[edit]

The Sunweavers who are the most visible include the following:

  • Rita Mariner: The Sunweaver Chieftess and "booty bandit." She is usually in a white rabbit avatar.
  • Dusk Griswold: The self-described "boring bunny" who in the past did puppeteering at a number of furry conventions. She helps out at some events. She usually appears as a tan bunny.
  • Shockwave Yareach: Skilled builder, song parody composer and singer, occasional DJ, and mad punster. In a wolf avatar.
  • Cynthia Farshore: Builder and owner of Sunlight Bay and the Farshore Field airstrip. White goat avatar.
  • Jenni Greenfield: Manager of Club Cutlass.
  • Nydia Tungsten: Head of the "Angels," runs HV Community, Pacific Waters, and Purrfection Estates, the Happy Vixen beach club and Club Zero Gravity. She is also a DJ and music video filmer. Usually in a two-tailed white vixen avatar.
  • Brandi Streusel: Clothes designer, owner of "Brandi's Intimates" clothing store, and DJ. White mouse avatar.
  • Matoamza Kazyanenko: Vice President of W.V.E. and manages several sims as well as Club Zero Gravity. Brown Fennec fox
  • Ranchan Weidman: Runs the Robotech RP and helps manage HV Community and Club Zero Gravity. Canine avatar.
  • Skylark "Snowbuns" Lefavre: Manager of Purrfection Estates, manager of the Happy Vixen beach club and DJ. Usually in a white bunny avatar.
  • Bixyl Shuftan: Editor and one of the writers for the Second Life Newser, an online publication that writes about the daily news of Second Life. Usually in a red fox avatar.
  • Perri Prinz: Manager of Club Xanadu and DJ, known for being the author of the "Spectral Shadows" serial novel. White rabbit avatar.
  • Alleara Snoodle: A highly skilled builder whom in the past was once a speaker at Metanomics and helped out at the Chilbo community. She has cut back on her online activities somewhat, but still helps out the Sunweavers. White tigress or white fox avatar.
  • Valkyrie "Ice" McGill: The most noteable non-furry among the Sunweavers, in the past she was a writer for a futurist magazine. She has a number of avatars, usually appearing in her "succubus."
  • Marusame Arai: Was a builder in the past. More recently most noted for her pink and black appearances, usually wah/red panda, but occasionally appears in others, including human. Outside Second life, started a "Cut Content Police" group on Steam to protest the censoring of Japanese video games when marketing them to American gamers.
  • RECoyote Mindes: Owner of Club Xanadu. Usually in a coyote avatar.
  • Artistic Fimicloud: A prominent member of the Passionate Redheads Relay for Life team, she passed away in 2008. But she continues to remain a source of inspiration for the Sunweavers. Pink fox avatar.
  • Lomgren Smalls: The "tiny kitty," a six-inch high gray cat avatar which was the smallest in Second Life that could still move about more or less normally. A skilled builder, he went in an indefinite hiatus a few years ago.


The Sunweavers have three clubs in operation, and one on hiatus.

  • Club Cutlass: This is the original club of the Sunweavers, and still considered its main one. Starting out as a pirate-themed venue, over the years it's been rebuilt into a Mayan Temple, then two kinds of steampunk-themed builds. Managed by Jenni Greenfield. Has events Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 6-8 Pacific Standard time.
  • Club Zero Gravity: The second oldest of the Sunweaver clubs, it has always had a sci-fi feel. Originally a cube on the ground, sometimes called "the Borg cube," it was later remade into a space station high above the surface of Second Life. The club gets its name from originally some of its dancepiles putting their dancers upside down. Managed by Ranchan Weidman and Matoamza Kazyanenko.
  • The Happy Vixen: Originally "Angels Beach," this beach club closed a few months after it first opened, but came back under its current name a couple years later. Currently managed by Skylark "Snowbuns" Lefavre.
  • Xanadu: Sometimes called "Perri's Xanadu," a disco club modeled after the one in the movie of the same name. Owned by RECoyote Mindes and managed by Perri Prinz. The club is currently closed.

Team Sunbeamers[edit]

Second Life has one of the largest chapters of the Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society's largest fundraiser. Early in it's history, many in the group joined the Passionite Redheads team. But after several years, the team folded. The Sunweaver members then formed another Relay team: the Sunbeamers. Since their start, they have continued to be one of the Relay for Life in Second Life's most successful teams.