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Sunstab's primary badge.

Sunstab (born September 9, 1993)[1] is a furry commissioner hailing from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. As of August, 2014, he is living in Rochester, New York, USA, as he completes his college studies.

Character design[edit]

Sunstab's fursona is a coyote with a natural fur color scheme.[2] He has beige-colored belly fur, reaching up to his chin and trailing down to his inner thighs; the rest of his body is a tan brown.

He has a darker-colored muzzle, characteristic of coyotes, with darker colored ear tips. Also typical of a coyote, his back fur is of a darker color and extends down to his tail, the underside of which is the same color as his overall body fur, and the tip being the same beige as his belly. His eyes have apparent heterochromia: his left eye is lime green, and his right is teal.

Sunstab will almost always be wearing a silver pendant of a sword and a paw, and often wears other clothing accessories such as jeans, a buttoned shirt, and glasses.[3]


Sunstab has attended:


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