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SunsetDrake, formerly known as Sunset_Espeon, is one of the founders of the EonPlanet and related IRC channel of the same name. He is a white dragon otherkin and still frequents many IRC channels simply under the name of Sunset.

Since the fall of the IRC server Mediadriven, he has tried to rebuild Eonplanet from the ruins that now lie where life once thrived. Although many of the other eons have moved on, there are still a few that can still be reached/seen online. Currently Eonplanet is being hosted on the Esper server.

Sunset is currently active on Second Life as Sunset Epsilon and IRC on the following servers: Esper, Lucidchat, and Furnet.

Sunset's true self/character drawn by Mathas AKA MED (Magic Elemental Dragon)
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