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Sunshadow and her mate Setno

SunShadow is a furry who lives in New Castle, Delaware, U.S.A. with her mate Setno. Her fursona is a two-tailed cat.

Fursona description

   Species: ShapeShifting Feline
   Sex: Female
   Orientation: Bi Sexual
   Relationship Status: Mated to Setno 
   Height: 5ft 7inches
   Weight: >_> pleasantly plump
   Tail Length: 3ft, fluffy, and two of them
   Coloring: my coloring is anything i want it to be, as im a shapeshifting feline. 
   My hair is normally a vibrant red of varying length. Dark green eyes are also the norm. 
   Claws: Retractable, about one inch
   Abilities: writing, helping people with personal issues, loyal and strong headed. Smart (both by the book and street). 
   Never gives up. Loyal mate, hard worker, creative.
   Disabilities: procrastinator, doesn’t trust people easily, hot temper, doesn’t easily forgive, fragile emotions. 

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