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Toby Rainbow and Suku Ming

Suku Ming (also known as Woofle , or Woofle Bjorkez , and her old alias "Verse Hyenafox") is an American fur who lives in Los Angeles, California, United States.

She is a fan of race cars, driving them herself in real life, in the local levels of Nascar (Whelen All American Series).


Suku's fursona, a purple hyena, is also a character on Second Life, and is the owner of the Otway Raceway Park located in the "Otway" sim. She has multiple roleplay characters on Second Life all under the name of Suku Ming: Arael Marin, Chaz Arenlios, Pensi Jenkins, Inyokern Arenlios and Captain Verse Kelfonne.

She has been roleplaying for years, and is also is a musician. She is dating Toby Rainbow, a purple wolf.

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