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Suit-Up Saturday is a recurring furry night club event, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Suit-Up Saturday began in 2015, with their first event at the EagleBOLT nightclub, located at 515 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis. It began with 5 friends, 2 of which had experience hosting other club events. Suit up saturday grew and spread, with other events being held at the gay 90s, ground zero, the saloon, indeed brewery and other locations.

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The first Suit-Up Saturday was first held on January 30, 2015, and the event was sponsored by K0mplex, The Disaster Dogs, and Frolic. Attendance was exceptional, DJs Othenio and Caz rocked the dancefloor, and the venue was very happy with the turnout. It was sponsored by BONDESQUE and LEATHER AND LATTE, where two prize baskets were raffled off.

Suit-Up Saturday caters to furries and primarily fursuiters. It also welcomes anyone who participates in animal play fetishwear.

The Suit-Up Saturday founders are Rachel and Cameron,DJ, AJ and Mau. The current Suit up Saturday owners are Rachel and Othenio, with help from a 15 person local rotating crew.

The SUS team took a break during Covid, and recently started back up, with a new rotating club event at The Famous Brass Rail Lounge in Minneapolis, the 3rd Saturday of the month every 3 months.


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