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Justin Moore is a furry author, musician, and broadcaster from Washington, USA. His fursona is a dragon.

Furry History[edit]

Justin discovered the fandom in 2008, via Bad Dragon's online forums. Shortly thereafter, he adopted a feral, nameless, house cat fursona. A few months later he created a dragon scalesona under the name Suiraqua (an anagram of Aquarius), which was the name he attend RainFurrest 2009 with. After RF 2010, Justin adopted an otter fursona called Lutrina Lontra, but he soon dropped the nickname in favor of his real name, which he continues to use today. In November 2011, he combined his former dragon character with the otter to create his current ottragon character, still using his real life name. A year later, he dropped the hybrid idea and reverted to a simple dragon character to better reflect his changing personality.


A life-long storyteller, Justin began writing at age 7, and has not stopped since. His early work spanned several genres, including science fiction, fantasy, thriller, and horror. Upon discovering the furry fandom, his writing became furry as well and he added drama, romance, and erotica to his repertoire. As Suiraqua, his erotic work achieved some popularity, but he stopped posting erotica because it was more popular than his non-erotic work, which he believed to be higher quality. When Justin began shifting towards music over writing, he stopped publishing prose and posted his lyrics instead. He has since resumed writing prose, though real life continues to hog much of his free time.


Like writing, Justin started in music at age 7, when he took piano lessons with encouragement from his father. He did not take true advantage of those lessons until high school, when he taught himself to play guitar and bass. He began recording music in 2007, and continues to do so and improve as of 2012.


Justin started The River's Edge in July 2012. A news and commentary show in similar style to 2 Sense, River's Edge saw Justin reading various news articles from around the country and commenting on them. This show only lasted 5 episodes before fizzling out. Since then, Justin began a new show, Dragon Tongue, which is more geared toward moderate political discussion and debate about news and social issues. The first episode went online on November 11, 2012 and new episodes are posted every Sunday.

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