Suicide For Hire

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Suicide for Hire
Author(s) Rafael Medina
Update schedule one page every few months
Launch date October, 2004
End Date November, 2013
Genre  ?
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Suicide For Hire is a webcomic by Rafael Medina follows the lives of two high-school juniors who begin an unexpectedly lucrative business planning and executing an end for their clients, who, for a variety of reasons don’t want to handle it on their own. For a hefty fee, they have their deaths tailor-made to fit their particular situation, within the limits of the SFH rules.

It is intended for mature audiences, as it features a lot of adult content such as harsh language, sexual innuendo, and a healthy amount of gore from time to time.


Hunter Ravenwood (fox) a reckless and carefree teen who believes that their business is actually helping society, feeling little or no compassion for the people who come to them. Though Arcturus originally came up with the idea, Hunter was the one who ran with it, doing most of the ‘artistic planning’ for their customer’s deaths. He has a severe porn obsession, even for a teenager. He has been known for his obsessive GGW viewing and his record of implied 'watermelon' sexual incidents.

Arcturus Winrock (mouse) is the more sensible of the two. Despite being the one to suggest helping people off themselves in the first place, he never expected to make a business out of it. Unlike his more bloodthirsty friend, he is more likely to suggest alternatives to their customers, instead of immediately accepting the job. Their continued success is a source of confusion and paranoia to him. This stress has culminated in the appearance of a new personality, Xero, that argues with Arcturus about the morality of their actions. Xero is best described as a manifestation of Arcturus's dark side, though it is more cynical than malicious. He is a smoker, Steely Dan Fan, allergic to Pecans, and is obsessed with X-Play’s Morgan Webb. He is often called 'Arc' by Hunter.

Chryseis North (Snow leopard) is Hunter's imagined girlfriend who has led him on cat and mouse games for a long time. The last two dates were pity dates out of 'you got your penis caught in your zipper in front of me' and 'you couldn't show up for our last pity date.'

Parents - Hunter apparently lives with his Dad and Grandmother, remaining uncaring with each other. Arc apparently lives with his parents, who he no longer talks to after a careless mistake of a Fullscreen Million Dollar Baby DVD. They are never seen from above the waist when not in silhouette.

The comic updated on Wednesdays and Sundays in black-and-white, though the first comic was colored. After November 2011, the update rate dropped to one comic every few months.


The duo's first job comes about when Arcturus outbursts at a girl during an anatomy class when she talks too much about how bad her life is, telling her to kill herself or pay him to do it properly. Arcturus quickly informs Hunter when he receives $50, who responds by planning out an ironic death for the girl and persuading Arc to stay with the plan.

The two quickly realize the potential of their business, form Suicide For Hire and set up some unbreakable rules: 'all transactions are nonrefundable', 'under 16's may not commit Suicide For Hire' and 'no third parties may be harmed because of transactions', quickly becoming legendary among their town. Following customers build up Arcturus' alter ego in different ways until he manifests himself as the yet unnamed Xero.

A typical story arc involves the two being contacted by some poor bastard who has wrecked their life and want to back it out, afterward you either love, pity or hate the party. It is a common occurrence that Hunter will kill the person as they are trying to back out, but the 'Autumn' and 'Battered Woman' arcs reflect irony and change with this structure to arouse pity by the end.

After a customer who is dying from cancer is terminated, SFH finds out she was in remission and Arcturus quits to get a job at a concession stand. He quickly realizes his mistake and rejoins Hunter who presents him with armbands that had been worn by Xero and asks who left them, forcing Arcturus to name his other half and allow him free reign during their jobs.

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