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Subwuffer Entertainment, formally known as the Subwuffer Entertainment Treehouse, is a furry podcast that talks about general entertainment in the furry world.


Subwuffer Entertainment was originally formed by mastermind Scarfy Conly (movies), Krüz Wolf (music), Shujja Folf, and Zack Grey (video games), debuting with its pilot episode on January 31, 2016. Shujja and Zack dropped off after the first season, and Naka was brought on for Season 2 and onward for video games.


The podcast consists of updates and ideas on the latest music, video games, and movies. They had guests such as Weekend Wolf, Shutterwolf, Canine Kyle, Erin Kitsune, Fox E. Wolf / Kohana Coyote, Boozy Badger, Moms of Furries, and Jonah Scott (English Voice actor for Legoshi from Beastars).

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