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Cosmo (born 1986), is a fursuiter who lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.[1]

He is a software developer, electronics and mechanical engineering hobbyist, licensed amateur radio operator (callsign M0OFX) and amateur photographer.


Cosmo regularly attends the LeedsFurs meets and mini-meets. He helped with the running of the meets for several years until 2020, and helped to start the LeedsFurs Coffee Meet.

He also organised the LeedsFurs entry into the Leeds Pride parade for 2018 and 2019.

Convention staffing[edit]

Cosmo has assisted with several furry conventions as a volunteer or staff member:

  • Furcation
    • 2017: Volunteer Rigger
    • 2018: ConOps assistant and radio system engineer
    • 2019: ConOps Head of Department
    • 2020: Technology team, radio engineering. Furcation Online streaming platform development and setup.
  • NordicFuzzCon
    • 2019-2020: SOUP (Volunteer) - stage rigging (2019, with FotofurNL) and setup/teardown (2020)


Cosmo presented a panel on fursuit animatronics at ConFuzzled 2014, ran a meetup at Furcation 2019 and presented a revised version of the 2014 panel at the Furcation 2020 virtual convention. He has also presented outside of furry, at ABUG and campGNDd 2020.

The slides and video for some of his panels are available at [1].

Fursuit animatronics projects[edit]

Cosmo designed the LED ears for a husky fursuit built by Made By Mercury, and the moving ears for a Khajiit built by Faruku.


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