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Stymnus Johnson (a.k.a. Skye or Stymnus Skye) is a silkie character extant since at least 1992 on various of the furry MUCKs.


Stymnus is a 190cm (6'3") tall male silkie, with a typically lean mustefeline build. Like many silkies, his coloration is unusual for a mammal, featuring blue-grey body fur. His crest, forearm tufts and calf tufts are a similarly exotic medium violet. His 2.6m (8½') tail is tipped with a shock of silver fur and the characteristic three silkie "tailfingers". His eyes are pale violet. He lacks a navel. He has a superficially shy demeanor and speaks with a New Zealand accent.


Stymnus is a first generation silkie, decanted by one of the New Zealand Crown Research Institutes under license from Genetitech. He pursued a career as a musician, primarily as a keyboardist and a composer of ambient works. His stage name "Skye" refers to his own sky blue coloration. A charming and notorious philanderer, Stymnus's children include Lustre Skye and Syndy Skye. Though born to different mothers, his offspring share similar delusions that their tails have independent personalities, suggesting that he may be a latent carrier of this odd form of schizophrenia.

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