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Stuffed Fox is the name of two individual original characters belonging to the artist "Stuffed Hyena", and was previously the fursona of a furry artist.


Fox's Signature

Foxmillain James Blackwater IV (Stuffed Fox) is depicted as having a dull rust fur colour, with wheat secondary colours and warm grey tips for hands-to-wrists, feet-to-shins, and the tip of his tail. He has pale green eyes and stands at 6'3", walking digitigrade.

Until June / July 2011, he was considered a full fursona but has since been relegated to the position of "Original Character" as the artist decided he felt a character more like himself was required as a fursona. Stuffed Fox is often seen in Jeans, a black t-shirt and RAF-style flight goggles.

Fictional Biography[edit]

Born in City 148 (Dundee, Scotland), "Stuffed" Fox soon moved with his family to the United Western Alliance of America (Continental America, Canada and other realworld US territories) in the attempt to find more work. After several years of living in City 27 (Washington State), Fox was drafted into the military straight from his University course on Theoretical and Particle Physics.

Inducted into a secret government program to create a stable method of Zero Consequence Dimensional Manipulation (ZCM), Fox was infused with Nanites against his will and ultimately thrown across the multiverse in an inevitable accident involving the project, resulting in it's immediate foreclosure.

Assumed dead in his home reality and at the very least AWOL, Stuffed Fox continued his exiled existence before discovering his duplicate self was heir to a multi-billion dollar Arms Manufacturers Blackwater Industries.


Fox is shown as a cartoon anthropomorphic fox, literally stuffed with sawdust. There is no canonical continuity explaining this as of yet. Similarly designed to the ex-fursona, he is a Rust / Wheat / Grey vulpine but differs in that he is only semi-sentient (unable to solve complex problems and produce anthro / human-like vocalisation but understands emotions, language to a degree and is house-trained) and stands at 3'6", approximately that of an actual vulpine.

The character is almost never seen without his RAF-style goggles, to the point of obsession with this identity.


"Stuffed Hyena"
Stuffed hyena artistpic.png
Born 22 September 1990
Profession or hobby Full-time University Student
Character species Striped Hyena

Stuffed Hyena is the Artist's Fursona and this exclusively; he rarely appears in drawings other than those directly involving the Artist as a main character. Similar in build to the ex-Fursona Fox, Hyena stands at 6'3" (digitigrade) and weighs approximately 230lbs, sharing these traits in direct correlation to the artist.

His colour scheme is mostly shades of brown, with a Tan base, Taupe extremities / mane and Sepia mask / stripes. He wears thick, rectangle-rimmed glasses over his amber and speaks with a British-English accent.

As of November 2010, he is a student at Teesside University and resides in Middlesbrough, UK.

Although not a highly social person, Stuffed Fox enjoys meeting new people, preferably online. He generally avoids conventions and furmeets, being very shy and self-conscious about his role within the furry community.


Born in Dundee, Scotland, "Hyena" later moved with his parents to England, where he attended Junior and High-School. His identity as an artist didn't begin until around 2005 / 2006, where he began to draw an anthro version of his character "Fox" in the NewGrounds forums. From there, the character developed into a makeshift fursona on the site DeviantArt.

Stuffed Hyena is now an inactive member of Fur Affinity, Inkbunny and Deviant Art.

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