Stubble Trouble

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Stubble Trouble
Author(s) R. C. Powell
Update schedule Updates on a non-regular but frequent basis
Launch date December 16, 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Comedy, Slice-of-life, Bizarre
Censor PG button.png

Stubble Trouble is a furry webcomic created by R. C. Powell. The comic started as a slice-of-life comedy featuring Rennon the Shaved (a fox/wolf with a shaving fetish) and his many friends. Over the years it has grown to feature numerous other characters and over-arcing storylines. It is set in an alternate version of Earth that is populated by anthropomorphic beings and humans as well as superheroes, monsters, and dinosaurs. The comic frequently features jokes about movies, television, video games, current events, other comics, and shaven furries. Stubble Trouble has multiple cameo appearances of characters of the author's friends as well as characters from other furry webcomics (including Ozy and Millie).


Main Characters[edit]

Reynard "Rennon the Shaved" Paulson
  • Rennon the Shaved is a fox/wolf hybrid with a shaving fetish. He's a very nerdy goofball whose life is dominated by popular culture. He started out as the main character in the comic. Although he started with fur, he has since spent the rest of the comic totally shaven. He is dating Mel. He is the author's fursona.
Gynette Hannah Wentworth
  • Gynette started out as a jackal/spider that could take her own head off. She later became a shape-shifter as well as fully modular. She makes up for her often freaky appearance by having a cute, loving, and playful personality. She dates Reggie.
Melissa "Mel" Gilbert Beck
  • Mel is a fox who wears an eyepatch due to a childhood accident. She's sometimes tomboyish. After she started dating Rennon, she let him shave her fur off.
Allyson "Ally"
  • A cat/fox hybrid, Ally is a close friend of Mel. She lost her left leg in a car accident a few years back, but she has not stopped it from letting her live her life happily. She is a very nerdy, caring person.
Rachel Campbell
  • Rachel is a squirrel who shaves off all of her body fur, leaving only her tail with fur.
Rosie McAngus
  • Rosie is a Scottish Rottweiler and the older twin sister of Reggie. She works as a mechanic and is quite tomboyish. She is dating Jeremy.
Reginald "Reggie" Chester McAngus
  • Reggie is a Scottish Rottweiler and the younger twin brother to Rosie. He dates Gynette.
Rebecca "Becky" Williams
  • Becky is a rabbit gymnast who loves anime and guns.
  • Jeremy is the only human main character. He works at the local movie theater. He is dating Rosie.

Minor Characters[edit]

  • Lilith the Headless Goth Vixen is a former porn star who can detach her own head. She befriends Gynette.
  • R. C. Powell shows up occasionally as himself.
  • The Municipal Enforcer is a human superhero who is anal-retentive about enforcing minor laws and ordinances in a addition to battling supervillains.
  • Justice Jellyfish is the Municipal Enforcer's sidekick.
  • Madame Cueball is a female human superhero who is bald due to Alopecia. She has used her baldness as inspiration for her hero identity.
  • Doctor Shatterfoot is a rat mad scientist who cooks up crazy schemes.
  • The Mathemagician is a human supervillain who uses magical math powers.
  • Eco-Freako is a human supervillain who is a radical environmentalist.
  • Mr. Yin is a skunk ape who owns a bowling alley.
  • Winston is a human neighbor whose face is hidden behind a fence. He tries to give helpful advice but frequently goes off-topic.
  • The Komodo Ballerina is a female supervillain.
  • The Lake Erie Litterbug is the supervillain antagonist of Madame Cueball.
  • Captain Cloaca is a human supervillain who has a crush on the Komodo Ballerina.
  • The Samarium Skier is a metallic superhero who is considered to be the loser of the lot.
  • The Atomic Amish Man is a nuclear-powered human superhero.
  • The Incredible Polk is the resurrected form of American president James K. Polk.
  • Moose O'Leany is a retired supervillain who now runs an Italian restaurant.
  • Jynx is a modular lynx and is the second fursona of the author.
  • Sparky is Becky's pet Coelophysis.

Stories and style[edit]

Stubble Trouble often varies between stories told in a sequential order and comics that appear to be random. As such, there is a wide variety of stories and jokes presented. The comic started out as pencil drawings, then the author used a marker for the lineart, and later all the comics were digitized and colored. The art style and character models have developed over time. The comic often has a self-deprecating sense of humor and much of the focus is on popular culture. Superheroes and supervillains make frequent appearances in the comic and some have become secondary characters. Dinosaurs are seen in zoos, in the wild, and as pets.

External links[edit]

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  • [2] R. C. Powell's FurAffinity site
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