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Stryyp'Gia (a.k.a. Stripe) is a supporting character in the comic book series Gold Digger.

A member of the alien Krynn species who arrived alongside the Atlantians and the Amarans on Earth centuries ago, Stripe was the prince of the former city-ship turned lost city of gold, El Dorado. However, due to a misunderstanding, El Dorado and Atlantis had been locked in a war for centuries. An Atlantian sorcerer, Gyphon, turned the tables of the war when he captured El Dorado's ancient royal heirlooms, which contained considerable magical power which he used to enslave the inhabitants. With the help of Gina and , Stripe freed El Dorado from Gyphon and the group eventually defeated him when he tried to conquer Atlantis for himself. Since then, Stripe became Brittany's steady boyfriend, then eventually her husband (after El Dorado returned to the Krynn homeworld of Aebra, releasing Stripe from his responsibilities as prince-protector of the city). The two have welcomed their first daughter, Tiffany, into their family, while Stripe has recently joined Agency Zero, an undercover organization manned by former superheroes who now operate under a Men in Black-like method so as not to give supervillains a threat they would do anything to destroy.