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Stripes Tiger
Sir Racky

Stripes Tiger (born 1973) is an anthro "toon" Bengal tiger who lives in central west New South Wales, Australia.

Stripes collects plushies. He enjoys animation both old and new, his favorites range from Kimba the White Lion to computer-generated animations such as the Madagascar movies. He also enjoys online comics (mostly non-yiff).

Stripes is a railway buff, coming from a fourth generation rail family. He is involved with 5-inch gauge miniature railways and enjoys the miniature engineering, machining and welding that goes into making his own locos. Photography is also a favorite past time, with the railways featuring heavily.


Stripes enjoys fursuiting, which he starting doing with a friend in the late 1990s. In February, 2009, he obtained his own "Stripes" fursuit.

Around a year later, he purchased another suit, this time from the United States. This suit is a hybrid wolf/raccoon named Racky.

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