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Strega is a furry artist currently residing in California who specializes in vorarephilia art, but occasionally touches on other subjects. His primary character is one of a race of 6-legged weasel-like creatures about the size of a Bengal Tiger called Falans. He also has several other characters of various races, most set in a Dungeons-and-Dragons-esque world called Greyhawke, though he also has a few set in more real-world environments. He's also the creator of a unique pair of skunk/Lamia hybrids (sometimes called "skunkiesnakes") named Nyoka and Uvuzi. Strega also has 3 main races of anthropomorphic animals called Praka, Volpa and the Gul. The Gul are anthropomorphic wolverines, the Volpa are anthropomorphic foxes and Praka are anthropomorphic raccoons. Strega also has a pair of anthro skunks named Striper and Sandra.

Strega used to have a Yahoo! Group where he would post his art and writings, as well as fan art of his characters; it was deleted by Yahoo! without prior warning. Afterward, with the help of Eka, he set up his own site - Strega's Portal - which later merged into Eka's Portal, and also has sites on Fur Affinity and DeviantArt.

Below is a list of some of Strega's more notable characters.

  • Strega: The 'flagship' character, Strega is a Falan with overall black fur with intricate white markings from muzzle to tailtip. She can also use several portable devices, ranging from a head-mounted 'squirrel cannon' to a custom-built harness ranging in capability from a mere cloaking device to a device capable of rematerializing those she's eaten alive and unharmed.
  • Uvuzi: Full name Nyoka Wa Na Uvuzi, she is the smaller of two skunk/lamia hybrids, the result of a meeting between a blue-scaled Lamia and an anthro Skunk. She inherited her father's fur and has the upper body of a skunk along with a large skunk tail at the end of her serpentine lower body, and her mother's blue color and overall body design, as well as her eating habits.
  • Striper: The result of genetic manipulation, Striper is a male anthro Skunk, and along with his mate Sandra (a skunkette also brought about by genetic manipulation) are among some of the few characters Strega has created with a setting in a real-world environment. He is also quite imposing physically, being of similar physical stature to pro wrestler Andre the Giant.
  • The Gul: A race of anthro wolverines, the Gul serve as soldiers for Ruhollah Rushiadah, a powerful mage in the world of Greyhawke known as 'The Maker'. They are similar to the Uruk-Hai from the Lord of the Rings in that they are heavily armed and armored, and are fierce, powerful warriors.

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