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Strangehouse is a furry household in San Jose, California. It was formed in October 2014 when the previously existing groups of Gliderfort and Chargeport joined to form a new household together. Its residents are Ikani[1] and her wife Meshelle Draxen/Visky[2], Farore Nightclaw and its wife CassioBunny[3], Nyghtwulf[4], and Kes Kitsune[5]. Previous long-term members include Aurora Telthas[6].


Strangehouse sometimes hosts a Forth of July party which includes a dinner prepared on the grill. Board, card, and video games are provided should party-goers wish to participate. Party-goers are also encouraged to swim if they'd like. It also hosts a variety of events such as movie nights, group meals, and various other parties (on occasions such as birthdays, New Year's, or 'just because'). Further Confusion staff preparation activities have previously been held at the house, as several members are or were staff members for the convention. Strangehouse frequently has guests from as far away as the UK and Australia, and sometimes has visitors from the US staying while they gain a foothold in the area to live on their own and start a new life in the Bay.

In 2017, CassioBunny and FaroreNightclaw were married at the house with a small mostly-furry guest list featuring friends and family from around the world including frequent visitors Goopypanther[7], Farore's other partner, and Poid[8], Cassio's wife. After the ceremony, Farore's parents treated guests to an all-you-can-eat dinner at a local Brazilian steakhouse.


Strangehouse features a spacious theater, with a projector showing media on a fully white-painted wall, as well as a lot of comfortable seating with drink holders and power outlets in easy reach. The garage is outfitted with tools and a wide range of equipment for working on electronics, carpentry, home improvement projects, 3D printing, and other pursuits. The house also features a large swimming pool in the back yard, which is solar heated and sports an attached hot tub and diving board. The back yard also contains a grill.

The Strangehouse property contains many fruit trees, vines, and bushes, and visitors are typically encouraged to take home as much fruit as they would like when in season. Due to how prolific the plum tree in the front yard is, during plum season the front walk and patio tend to become an obstacle course of fallen fruit. as there are far too many dropped plums to reasonably tidy off the ground. Strangehouse also grows blackberries, raspberries, kumquats, lemons, lemon-orange hybrids, apples, grapes, Asian figs, feijoas (aka guavasteens), apricots, nectarines, and pomegranates.

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