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Stormy Night Redub Team is a team of voice actors and sound engineers who, in 2008-2010, composed a complete English-language fan re-dubbing of the Japanese feature length anime film Arashi No Yoru Ni (with permission from TBS). The group released the entire film with the self-composed English dub to YouTube in December 2008 in order to generate enough buzz to convince TBS, the Japanese owners of rights to the film, to release an official English-dubbed DVD release of the film for international audiences.

The team was unable to obtain the rights to the song Star by Aiko, the original theme song for the movie. The ending was replaced with the song "Watch the Moon Rise" performed by MFE.

Involvement with the fandom[edit]

In October 2009, the team created a Fur Affinity profile on which both a BitTorrent[1] and a MegaUpload[2] download link for the 5.1 .AC3 file of the English fandub was posted. Both the full[3] and karaoke[4] versions of the substitute end credits song "Watch The Moonrise" was also posted to the account's gallery for download.


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