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Stormwolf's fursuit.

Stormwolf aka Stormwolf77 is a furry who lives in Columbus Ohio. His fursona is a timber wolf.

The name Stormwolf was derived from his two canine soul mates, Wolf and Stormy. Wolf was a GSD/Wolf and Stormy is a Husky/Wolf. Stormwolf rescued both of them and they became a very bonded family.

Amongst his many interests dog rescue has always been a large one. He's rescued and placed many dogs. Wolfie passed away in 2001, and Stormy, a happy-go-lucky blue-eyed furball who always had an insatiable love for life sadly passed away in the spring of 2010.

In 2003 He adopted a Brindle English Mastiff named Moose, and in 2010 a German Shepherd named Riley. They both take great pride in participating in the pack and terrorizing him whenever possible.

Stormy's appearance had always been the vision of how Stormwolf's wolf character would look, and as a result his fursuit was created to very closely resemble her appearance.

Stormwolf attends various cons wearing his suit made by Firestorm Six of Stormfire Studios. He has been attending Anthrocon annually since 2005. Other Cons that Stormwolf has attended Include Midwest Fur Fest, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Morphicon, and Furlaxation. He has also spent time on various private outings to help raise funds for charities, generally around dog welfare and rescue.

Real life/Professional Life[edit]

Stormwolf grew up on a family farm in Martel, Ohio, went to school in Ohio, and eventually ended up working in IT for the same Tech School he received his Electronics Engineering training from.

His real life employment/hobby objectives range anywhere from model trains, fire/security/telephone systems, IT, automotive performance, working with his parents on their dairy, and many other things. He is a very ambitious and loyal person who is rarely found not working.

One of Storm's life(isms) is: If it's doing work for pay, it's a job. If it's getting paid to do what you enjoy, it's a career.

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