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Stories from San Iadras is the name of a story series written by foozzzball. Set in a science fictional future, most of the stories take place in San Iadras, a city governed under a corporatocracy known as the Tri-Corp, in an area known as the Middle American Corporate Preserve, which spans from the the southern parts of modern day Central America to the equator.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the setting furs were genetically engineered in a series of projects beginning in roughly 2060, primarily as a way past anti-vivisection laws and laws against experimentation on humans, with various commercial enterprises using the furs becoming more prominent towards the year 2090, at which point all projects were shut down on moral and ethical grounds, resulting in the so called 'furry emancipation'. Furs in the setting are usually plantigrade, surgically and genetically remodelled to be as close to the human form as possible both physically and in terms of mannerisms and psychology. There are, as of the year 2105, roughly a hundred and twenty thousand living 'furs'. Furs are so far genetically and surgically tweaked that they are incapable of reproduction.

The furry 'rights' issue is a large one in the setting. Most world religions consider furs to be nothing more than animals, and thus to be soulless where the beliefs imply this. They often face discrimination, being viewed as sub-human or animal in many sections of world society, and alternately adoration - as curiosities and in some cases objects of fetish type desires. The majority of furs are members of large clone groups, with hundreds of siblings each. Most were adopted in various places around the world, with a large majority adopted within the city of San Iadras itself. When a fur has grown up with other furs in a sibling type relationship, but are not of the same clone group, they tend to refer to each other as 'fosters'.

The world of 2105 is not the most politically stable one. Warfare mainly takes place as large scale espionage, terrorism and small scale conflict in limited areas. The last major conventional conflict was the Eurasian war, taking place in the mid 2090s, which ravaged much of southern and western Asia with biological warfare agents. The ecological situation is dire, with various forms of biological, chemical and nuclear fallout contributing to a growing wasteland.

The technology level is relatively high, with items such as driverless cars not only being standard but being viewed as a system that needs replacement, biologically active 'genedyes' that can permanently or temporarily alter pigmentation or the nature of hair growth and currency being wholly digital.

The stories themselves tend to deal with the trials and tribulations of the various characters in the setting, such as the long running romance between Troy Salcedo and Jennifer Dixon.

List of Published Works[edit]

War Dog - New Fables 2010

Dick and Jane - Heat #6

Jill's 49th - Heat #8

Dangerous Jade - Furplanet 2012

Pavlov's House - Strange Horizons 2014 and The Furry Megapack 2020

Dog Country - Amazon 2016, Amazon 2020

War Dog and Marginalized Populations - Amazon 2013 (Collection of two stories, War Dog, and Marginalized Populations.)

Jane, Jill and Jasie - Amazon 2013 (Collection of three stories, Dick and Jane, Jill's 49th, and Jasie's New Start.)

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