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Stinken's fursona.

Ken Singshow, also known as Stinken, is a Japanese furry artist and writer. He created the Andorozon characters and comic series.


Stinken is an anthropomorphic Japanese skunk who enjoys collecting Transformers toys, doodling and drawing, attending comic and science fiction conventions and socializing with his friends.


He has appeared in issues 11-13 of Extinctioners (Shanda Fantasy Arts Comics) in a story line called 'Enter the Andorozons' where he plays Professor Ken Dannoura. The character, a bio-cybernetic researcher, perfected the blending of organic life and cyberbionics, resulting in the Andorozons themselves. This resulted in him being kidnapped and incarcerated by the Evil Cat Sisters Organization, who wished to use the technology for the purpose of improving their own versions of said anthroids (for more details read Extinctioners and Andorozon comics; see below).

He features on pages 56-57 of the online comic Wild Frontier. The character, a somewhat dopey master technician, attempted to fix a faulty display screen in a space ship. He stank out the entire bridge of the ship when he got electrocuted.

He has also made a guest appearance as himself in Eric Schwartz's online comic Sabrina Online (strip 164, November 2000) where he competed with Max Blackrabbit's own fursona (that is to say, Max himself) for the opportunity to meet Sabrina. Neither character was successful.


While bearing the customary white stripes of a skunk, Stinken's fur is a deep purple instead of pure black (much like dark drinking chocolate, it has been observed). His ears and muzzle are slightly more tapered than typical American counterparts. These features are indigenous to the Okinawan Highmountain skunks of Japan.

Comic series[edit]

The first issue of Ken Singshow's Andorozon comic went on sale in November, 2007, courtesy of Angry Viking Press. Issue #2 became available during Anthrocon 2008. He was also working on an "unofficial sequel" of The Secret of NIMH in 1997,[1] while MGM Animation was making The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, but he was barred from finishing it.


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