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Steven R. Boyett

Steven R. Boyett, also known as DJ Steve Boyett (born 1960), is a writer and DJ, and the author of the novels of furry interest Ariel and The Architect of Sleep, in addition to numerous other mostly non-anthro works of fiction.

As a DJ he created the hugely popular Podrunner Podcast designed for listening during exercise, and the popular electronic dance music podcast Groovelectric.

Steven R. Boyett and furry[edit]

Boyett was a guest of ConFurence 8 in 1997,[1][2] which he left immediately upon discovering what sort of convention it was,[clarify] as it had been represented to him as simply a "science fiction convention".[citation needed]

Boyett despises furries,[3] the attention he has received from them,[4] abhors being labeled a furry author,[citation needed] and although he was well into writing the sequel to "The Architect of Sleep", The Geography of Dreams, he abandoned the project, naming furries as one major reason for its cancelation.[4][5]



Title Year released Edition Genre Theme ISBN Publisher Notes
Ariel 1983 Reprinted August 2009 Novel Fantasy 978-0441017942 Ace Books n/a
The Architect of Sleep 1986 n/a Novel Alternative history novel 978-0441029051 Ace Books n/a
The Geography of Dreams On hiatus n/a Novel Alternative history novel n/a n/a Cancelled


Title Year released Edition Genre Theme ISBN Publisher Notes
Space Ark #5 1985 n/a Comic Humor Apple Comics  ? Artist Ken Mitchroney
The Ren and Stimpy Show Special: Summer Jobs! 1994 n/a Comic Humor Marvel Comics  ? Artist Ken Mitchroney
Ren & Stimpy Show #16 March, 1994 n/a Comic Humor Marvel Comics  ? Artist Mike Kazaleh
The Ren and Stimpy Show: Four Swerks Special 1995 n/a Comic Humor [Marvel Comics  ? Artist Ken Mitchroney

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