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Steve The Tasmanian Devil (also Known as Siren, Tasmanian Devil Steve, or his second most common screen name Punkfan1357; born August 21, 1994 in Ohio, U.S.A.) is an anthoro artist who lives in Michigan.

Steve's fursona is a blue and black Tasmanian Devil with blonde hair and a blonde goatee. He also has cyan eyes, white chest hair, big feet, and, unlike most of Steve's characters, doesn't have pads on his hands.

Steve has 7 siblings but so far the only characters he has that he made fursonas for are his younger brother Dylan (also known as Gamma Ray and Gamma Ray II), who's a Rottwieler puppy and his younger sister Julie, who's a tiger, he's also made a fursona for his cousin Andrew (also known as Andrewthewolf), who's a wolf, and his best friend Leyland who's a Ferracox (Ferret, Raccoon, and Fox). Steve also has been known to love Punk music and has inserted multiple punk band references in his art (such as Sam wearing a Punk shirt or there being an American Idiot poster in his fursona's room). Steve's style is art style is similar to his friend Lewi's and author of his favorite web comic, Furthia High, QuetzaDrake.

He identifies himself as being gay.


Steve draws most of the line work for his art on Microsoft Paint, colors it with the texture tools and makes backgrounds on GIMP, and if he wants to smooths out the lines from Microsoft Paint and adds text and effects on Adobe Fireworks, sometimes though Steve scans pictures drawn on paper, colors them with the texture tools and creates backgrounds on GIMP, and smooths the lines out and adds text and effects with Adobe Fireworks. Steve on occasion makes animations, Steve either uses Adobe Flash or Adobe Fireworks to make them, Steve has just started using Flash so most of his animations are actually made on Fireworks, but he still uses both.

Steve used to do all the color on Microsoft Paint but as his art style evolved he started using more advanced programs, he started by using GIMP first, but only for making backgrounds and textured art, however as he started to crave more advanced art Steve started using GIMP to also color his pictures and create backgrounds, Steve also started to use Fireworks after he took a image manipulation class in school which used Fireworks for the program Steve picked up some pretty useful stuff from this so he started using Fireworks as well, he also noticed that Fireworks smooths out lines that are hard edge so he started using it to also smooth out the lines, Steve is starting to learn how to use Flash as well, however Steve still uses Microsoft Paint and GIMP as his main programs.

Steve's Main Characters

Steve's 5 Main Characters

Along with Steve, there are other characters that play a huge role in Steve's story, however these characters often cause the problems that Steve needs to either solve, fix, or get them out of, each of them appear a lot in Steve's art.

Dylan Miller The Rottwieler Puppy:

Dylan is Steve's younger very supportive and very intelligent brother, Dylan has supported Steve through thick and thin, both of them revealed that they thought they were Bisexual (Dylan found out he wasn't Bi, just confused, so he is now Straight, and Steve fully accepted he was Gay) to the public as revenge against each other, after reviling that secret about the other person, both of them felt sorry that they did that to the other person, so they grew really close together. Dylan absolutely hates Andrew, but he's really close to both Steve, Leyland, and Jake. Dylan is very quick witted and very smart, however he is still not the most mature of Steve's main characters.

Dylan character is made of pure light, his character can dissolve his body into light particles, when he does this he can move anywhere as fast or faster than the speed of light, he can absorb light and use it's powers to shoot lasers, fire balls, and even if the energy reading is high enough can turn into a form called "supernova" in which his powers climb to extremely high levels, he glows extremely bright, and his hair (for some reason) turns blue when this happens, strangely his hair got stuck like this one time it unknown how but it did.

Dylan is 12 1/2 years old and lives in Michigan with his brother Steve and cousin Andrew.

Andrew Jensen The Grey Wolf:

Andrew is Steve's hot-headed, angry, and very skeptical cousin, Andrew is commonly known for getting suspended from school every other week, Andrew hates almost everything, Andrew was also known to have smoked and drank, however, he quit. Andrew has some anger issues but he and Steve still get along, Andrew and Dylan however hate each other, Andrew is okay with Leyland.

Andrew has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Stephine since early 2009, they haven't been having relationship problems, however Stephine hasn't appeared in current comics or submissions, "I haven't written Stephine out of the series, it's just that her character's kinda boring so she doesn't appear much anymore" Steve said, Andrew is a little mad at Steve for calling his girlfriend's character boring, but she didn't mind Steve saying that and since she didn't seem to mind it, Andrew let it go very easily.

Andrew is 18 years old and currently lives with Steve and Dylan in Michigan.

Leyland Pearson The Ferracox:

Leyland is Steve's best friend, Steve often looks to Leyland for advice and moral support, Leyland has known Steve for 4 years. Leyland often at times is the most mature of Steve's five main characters. Leyland's character is the shortest of the four but even though he's short, he is very smart, mature, and understanding, Leyland often picks up Steve, Dylan, Mark (Jake), and Andrew when they're feeling down.

Leyland met Steve in a coffee shop, Steve was in a good mood and lent Leyland 25 cents to finish paying off his coffee, since he miscounted and didn't have enough, Leyland, being extremely grateful decided to enjoy his coffee with Steve, The two talked and became really good friends and through Steve, Leyland met Dylan, Mark (Jake), and Andrew, and Leyland has been a really nice addition to their gang they really enjoy his company. Leyland also discovered he has paint job skills with cars and even gave Andrew a brand new paint job on his car, which Andrew liked.

Leyland is 16, lives in Michigan, and is taking a class on mechanics and paint jobs at his high school.

Jake Dillon the Mutt:

Jake Dillon is a Labrador, German Shepard mix, Jake is based off Steve's boyfriend, Mark Dillon. Steve used the name Jake for Mark's character because, Mark has always liked the name Jake and he prefers to be called that instead of his real name (but in Steve's journals, Steve commonly refers to Jake as Mark just because that's his friends know Jake/Mark as). Steve enjoys Mark's (Jake's) company though the two have only just started referring to each other as their boyfriend, they are really trying hard and are doing very well together so far, Steve still picks Mark up from basketball practice often, just like Steve does with Jake in his series.

Jake/Mark's character was introduced in late 2010, when Steve finally started dating a guy, Jake's character was casted as a mix of a Labrador and German Shepard because Mark (Jake's real name) owns a Labrador and German Shepard in real life. Jake's character was introduced right after Steve met Mark, at first he was only a supporting character because they where still just friends, later Steve started doing more things with Mark and they ended up in a relationship, so Jake then became a main character.

Mark A.K.A. Jake is 16, lives in Michigan, and is currently in a relationship with Steve.

Other Characters

Stephine Sparrow the Fox:

Stephine is Andrew's girlfriend, Stephine is Steve's longest remaining supporting character, she has been a character of Steve's since he first came to FurAffinity, Stephine is based off Andrew's girlfriend in real life, her fursona has changed from a purple Tasmanian Devil, to a purple wolf, to a purple fox, "I'm probably gonna keep her as a fox" Steve quoted "A fox seems to fit her character".

Julie Kirby the Tiger:

Julie is Steve's sister, Julie entered the cast near the beginning of when Steve came to Fur Affinity, Julie is based off Steve's sister in real life, she is currently 14 years old and lives with Steve's dad in Ohio.

Jessie Brusman the Cat:

Jessie is Julie's best friend, it was written in a story that Lewi (a friend of Steve's) at one point had a crush on her however this was only in the story not in real life, but Jessie is based off a friend of Steve's in real life. Jessie is 16 and lives in Ohio by Steve's dad.

San Francisco Characters

The San Francisco characters are Steve's other characters, who face their own problems that often go unaffected by Steve and his friends (With the exception of Sam and Lucas).

Linki Hallow

Linki Hallow:

Linki Hallow is a fox who had a crush on Steve's other character Diane he has had a crush on her since 5th grade and he hasn't told her about it, Linki has been cast as an innocent fox, however going on inside his head is very dark thoughts which will play a huge roll later, Linki is bisexual but he has very shown any love towards guys, however even though he never has his father divorced his mom because she supported him and him being bi went against his beliefs so he disowned Linki and divorced his wife, Linki doesn't talk to his mom very often because he feels the divorce is his fault.

Both Linki and Diane's character was inspired by two characters from American Idiot Tunny (who inspired Linki) and Extraordinary Girl (who inspired Diane), Linki's character is a doubtful teen who hates what his generation has become he's waited for it to change but it never has and he is very depressed and someday he wants to die and escape this life, Diane has had a rough life as well she always seems to be alone and crying but she never gives up hope thinking someday life will turn around and life will get better all of a sudden, however she is still waiting for this day to come, and she's been waiting for seven years.

Linki is 16 and lives in San Francisco.

Diane Ramone

Diane Ramone:

Diane Ramone is a common grey house cat, Diane has a mild crush on Linki, however it's not as severe as Linki's, Diane is a extremely skilled guitar player, Diane is also very rebellious, Diane's last name "Ramone" is named after the band "The Ramones" since she's a huge pop-punk fan, also she calls herself straight but she has kissed a girl before, so she is possibly bisexual.

Both Linki and Diane's character was inspired by two characters from American Idiot Tunny (who inspired Linki) and Extraordinary Girl (who inspired Diane), Linki's character is a doubtful teen who hates what his generation has become he's waited for it to change but it never has and he is very depressed and someday he wants to die and escape this life, Diane has had a rough life as well she always seems to be alone and crying but she never gives up hope thinking someday life will turn around and life will get better all of a sudden, however she is still waiting for this day to come, and she's been waiting for seven years.

Diane is 16 lives in San Francisco, plays guitar, and is currently really close friends with Linki.

Trivia about Diane:

  • Diane plays Bass and Drums as well.
  • Diane has kissed other girls.
  • Diane has a slight crush on Linki.
  • Diane is secretly the daughter of a Representative of California, but she hasn't told any of her friends, this will play a huge role later.
  • Diane's mother died of breast cancer when she was 7, her dad never seems to be home since he's always so busy working.
  • Diane has had her heart broken more than once, she always seems to be crying about another guy leaving her.
Durin Lee

Durin Lee:

Durin is a Rottwieler, Durin is very muscular (8-pack), Durin has two piercings in his left ear, two piercings in the side of his chin, one nose piercing, and two left eyebrow piercings, Durin is the stereotypical teenage boy (the strong silent type, angry, dark, etc.) Durin hates almost everything he says almost after everything good that happens, "Great, can I go home now?" Durin was also the school bully until his ex-girlfriend, Ravan and a very close friend, Ashin, changed him into a normal kid, or at least stopped him from punching every other kid he sees in the face, Durin is the second tallest of Steve's San Fransisco cast. Durin however has been changing his personality a little bit because he believes that maybe the him he sees in the mirror, isn't the real him.

Durin is also based off a character from the rock opera, American Idiot, Durin is based off the character Johnny (aka The Jesus Of Suburbia) Durin hates almost every whose close to him, Durin hates the state America is in and he originally didn't look like what he did, he went from being a sweet nice boy to being a angry, strong silent type. It's unknown why Durin is the way he is now, he believe's it has something to do with how his right ear got all scratched up and hair-less (it's unknown how this happened), Durin also is wondering himself how he ended up like this, leaving people wonder exactly what is with him, Durin however is beginning to change himself seeing as he doesn't think what he sees is the real him, and he also is going through some issues himself.

Durin is 18, is Bisexual, he lives in San Francisco and is currently dating Polame.

Trivia about Durin:

  • Durin is was always Bi, but didn't start feeling feelings for guys until Polame kissed him.
  • Durin's relationship with Ravan was going rough, so with that and the fact see was moving, she dumped him.
  • Durin and Andrew, since they both hate everything, are really good friends.
  • Durin is one of Steve's favorite characters.
  • Durin is currently facing hard times with his life and himself.
Ravan Tedmen

Ravan Tedmen:

Ravan is a common black house cat, she was in a relationship with Durin, but she broke up with him, she is the only character so far that Steve has that has African-American ancestry, Ravan is a really nice girl, she was one of the most popular girls at her school. She was the one who stopped Durin from punching Linki's face in they have ever since been really good friends, Ravan is the only character form San Francisco that has no idea of Steve and his friends existence.

Ravan is based off a friend Steve has in real life, this friend has given Steve good advice on life, Steve decided since he didn't have an African-American character he decided to make one, in turn Ravan was made, Ravan's character entered Steve's cast of characters in early 2010 along with Linki, Diane, Durin, Polame, and Ashin, she is the second shortest of the gang, and she is currently obsessed with the hip-hop group The Beastie Boys.

Ravan is 17, Identified as bisexual, and lives in San Francisco.

Trivia about Ravan:

  • Ravan has always wanted to go to Europe.
  • Ravan is the only character with African american heritage so far.
  • Ravan is the reason Linki had a good first day at school.
Palmer "Polame" Lamen

Palmer "Polame" Lamen:

Polame is a polar bear, unlike the rest of the San Francisco characters Polame actually isn't worried about his figure since he loves being big. Polame is the tallest of the San Francisco characters, Polame is also one of Steve's chubbier characters, however Polame is also very muscular, due to Polame's huge mix between muscle and fat, he weights over 400 pounds, however he doesn't seem to mind, he actually, in fact, seems to enjoy it. Polame is currently was in a relationship with Ashin, until he died. Polame has a huge crush on Lucas and Durin, but he is currently dating Durin only.

Polame was made in turn that Steve realized that he had no chubbier characters so he decided to make a bear because bears, he knew, had a common gut thing in the fandom so Polame was born. Polame is very sweet and loving, but he is this mostly because he's afraid of losing friends, so he tries to be as nice as possible, however he knows that this has gotten him a lot of friends and so he has adopted this personality as his own, permanently.

Polame is 18, Gay, and lives in San Francisco.

Trivia about Polame:

  • Polame is Steve's first bear character.
  • Polame is technically bi, but since he's barely into girls, he identifies himself as gay.
  • Steve's Durin + Polame relationship was originally just a fantasy, but he later wrote it into the series.
  • Polame is currently dating Durin.
  • Polame had a gluttony issue just like Lucas.
  • Polame loves pie.

Samual "Sam" Adkins

Samual "Sam" Adkins:

Sam is a green Tasmanian devil, Sam met Ashin, and after being introduced to the rest of the San Francisco gang, he was accepted as part of the gang, Sam is currently in a relationship with Lucas, however Sam is not only with Lucas, but also living with him, for his dad kicked him out of the house for being gay and actually having a boyfriend, after he was kicked out of the house Sam became extremely upset, Lucas however has been very supportive and protective of him, Lucas even went as far as to punch his father in the face for throwing him out of the house, Sam really loves Lucas but he still feels like he doesn't deserve him.

Sam is based off Steve's pessimistic side, near the end of the summer Steve's pessimistic side started to take over, so Steve gave Sam a pessimistic even though Steve is happier now, Steve has kept Sam's attitude the same just because it's been with him for a while now.

Sam is 16, gay, and lives in San Francisco with his boyfriend Lucas.

Trivia about Sam:

  • Sam actually remembers having sex with Lucas, but he hasn't told him since he's afraid of Lucas leaving him.
  • Sam has been given many nicknames by Lucas, but he more commonly calls him "Joey" (the term for a young marsupial).
  • When Lucas and Sam woke up after having sex the next morning, since Sam had seamen on his butt and Lucas had seamen on his crotch, it was implied that Sam was on the bottom.
  • Even though Sam nor Lucas identify themselves as the submissive one, Sam seems to have more traits of the Submissive one.
  • Sam is the smarter one of the two (Sam and Lucas).
  • Sam seems to have a bit of a flamboyant side, as seen here.

Lucas Limbar

Lucas Limbar:

Lucas is a Black wolf, he is currently in a relationship with Sam, Lucas however tend to be the dominant one in the relationship. Lucas is a exchange student from Ireland, Lucas has a gluttony issue (seeing that he tried to order more than 10 burgers at burger king all at once), Lucas though also is very muscular, this is because Lucas not only likes to eat he also like to lift weights, due to this Lucas weights more than 250 pounds. Lucas is also has that heavy accent that most Irish people have, Lucas also is the one who convinced Sam to be his boyfriend. Lucas is apparently also an excellent sweet talker.

Lucas was created by Steve because he was still single at this time and since he didn't have a gay couple he decided to create one, after he came up with Sam, he needed Sam's boyfriend, so in turn he created the dream guy most girls or gay guys wants. Also, Steve was apparently drinking Pepsi while designing Lucas, he quoted: "Fantasizing and Pepsi gave birth to Lucas" after Lucas was born he became Steve's second most popular character.

Lucas is 17, bisexual, and currently is living in his exchange family's house along with his boyfriend Sam.

Trivia about Lucas:

  • Lucas was the reason why Sam and him ended up having sex.
  • Lucas has been given many nicknames by Sam but he usually calls him "Puppy".
  • When Lucas and Sam first had sex, since Lucas had seamen on his crotch and Sam had seamen on his butt, it was implied that Lucas was on top.
  • Even though neither Sam nor Lucas identify themselves as the dominant one Lucas seems to have more traits of the dominant one.
  • Lucas seems to get fatter every time Steve draws him, Steve said this is just a coincidence.

Deceased Characters

Evets the Tasmanian Devil

Evets the Tasmanian Devil

Steve's somewhat twin brother, Evets was a red Tasmanian devil with green hair, Evets was created to represent the dark thoughts and actions that Steve has thought or done in the past, Evets was Steve's dark side basically, Steve eventually killed Evets by letting go of these dark feelings in turn, Evets, now separated from Steve, tried to kill him, after a long battle with Evets, Evets gained the upper hand how ever as Evets was about to kill Steve, Dylan shot a laser through his chest, killing Evets and causing him to fade away.

Ashin Chandler

Ashin Chandler

Ashin was a common zoo Otter, Ashin was the stereotypical gay guy (Flamboyant, Loves Shopping, Very Liberal, etc.) Ashin was in a relationship with Polame, but after Ashin died Polame became single. Ashin was very popular at school many people cried when they found out he was dead. He had been friends with Diane, Ravan, Polame, and Durin since 2nd grade. Ashin also had been good friends with Sam, Lucas, and Linki. Ashin was officially declared dead on January 8th, 2010, he died from cancer, everyone was extremely saddened by his death.

Matt the Labrador

Matt was a friend of Dylan's who basically saved his life by pulling him from a truck, in Florida Vacation Dylan distracted the FBI but got caught, Steve and Andrew tried to save him but in turn Steve crashed the truck and ended up with a black eye and and many cuts, Dylan was unharmed but no one knew he was in the back of the truck, Matt found the truck and got Dylan out of the back, Matt revived Dylan and put him in the Furhia Tribe along with the rest of the tribe, he also told Dylan about his tribe power (light powers) and how he could use it. After the FBI found the tribe, Matt stayed behind to fight them but sadly this effort turned out to futile and he was shot through the chest, Matt was killed instantly.

Unknown Moth Man

The moth man was a villain in one of Steve's stories, the moth man framed RJ, Lewi, and Steve for killing someone with man slaughter, eventually though he was killed by Steve's friends, Zear, Nash, Firebite, and Forfy, and the charges against Steve, Lewi, and RJ were dropped.

Punk Steve (St. Stevil)

Punk Steve (also known as St. Stevil) was Steve's rebellious/immature side he always found some reason for Steve to be mad or angry and often times made Steve do violent and angry decisions, Steve eventually killed Stevil by realizing that it was time to grow up and move on Steve killed the immature part of his mind in turn killing Stevil.

Emo Steve (Stefan Grey)

Emo Steve (also known as Stefan Grey) was Steve's sad or negative side that kept holding on to Steve's sad and negative emotions and would eject them at random times, causing Steve to break down crying for as long as 2 hours, Steve's fur would also turn grey during this time, Steve eventually killed Stefan by realizing it was time to forgive people and let go of his negative emotions so in turn Steve killed that part of himself, in turn killing Stefan.


  • [1] Steve confesses his crushes he had on Zear and Lewi.
  • [2] Steve debuts his new style a style mix between Lewi, QuetzaDrake, and His.
  • [3] Steve quotes: "fantasizing and Pepsi gave birth to Lucas."

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