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Stephen Quoll.

Stephen Quoll is a fur who lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. His fursona is a western grey quoll (a small toothy marsupial native to Australia).

Stephen's interests include programming, Shortwave radio and DDR. He lived at 49 Abingdon until late 2004, before moving with his partner Rose Quoll and their friends to the Sanctuary furry household (along with several cats, birds, and mice), where he stayed until early 2009. Since then, Rose and Stephen have ended their relationship and Stephen has acquired his own house. Stephen was also one of the main characters in Rose Quoll's webcomic Corrugated Sanctuary, that features the colorful inhabitants of that household.

Stephen is a fursuiter, and owns a quoll costume built for him by Rose[1].



  1. Stephen Quoll's fursuit at Rose Quoll's website

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