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Cybercat, aka Kaffeine Kitty (born 1976) is an artist who first appeared in the fandom thanks to a Canadian APA known as the Furthest North Crew started by Growl. She also had artwork appear in PawPrints Fanzine, created and run by Jordan Greywolf and Lynx.

While she does not attend many conventions, she has been to FWA and at Megaplex. She was a guest of honor at FurFright 2006, and her cover painting for Bernard Doove's Transformations: A Forest Tales Story won the 2005 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration.

She has several online galleries that display a variety of genre from furry, fantasy and comic art.

Cybercat is also the creator of the Poseur Ponies, a design line of stickers and clothing. She has an online store for these, and also sells original artwork and prints.

She is also known as Lady Saturnyne on IMVU and the IMVU Furry Forums. She often takes commissions and draws on Tigerdile and Livestream.

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