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Stego, also known as Stego S. Aurus (real name Raymond C.), is a greymuzzle furry artist and fursuiter originally from New York City, who currently resides in Crestline, California, with his girlfriend Kat the Leopardess.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Stego has been in the furry fandom since 1994 when he first logged onto FurryMUCK. His interests in Dinosaurs and anthros long predate that; however, furry was where he was first able to share his fantasies with others.

Furry is where Stego "grew" socially: before furry, Stego was a rather sheltered individual who buried his head in books or in programming computers. With furry, Stego was able to communicate his thoughts and ideas to other people. He met a few people IRL, then eventually went to ConFurence where his imagination exploded even more. He got involved with some of the fursuit SIGs, volunteering some of his time. It wasn't too long afterwards that Stego also started to bring his younger brother, Vircoo to the conventions.

He dabbles in fursuiting, does a bit of artwork, and he creates and sells animal-themed gas masks under business name of Wild Gasmasks.

Stego is a staff member of Califur.

Convention attendance[edit]


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