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Steel the Warrior at Anthrocon 2007.

Steel the Warrior (born April 25th, 1986) is a Druid mouse from Crystal Lake, Illinois, known for his involvement in the Furry fandom, such as being a staff member for Midwest FurFest, as well as his role as Crimas Mouse at his annual Crimas Party. His greatest love, beside Furry, is roleplaying! Being quite the tabletop gamer, he plays and runs most every system under the sun, with his two favorites being GURPS and Albedo. Also, he actively LARPS, teaches improvisation courses, runs various tabletops both in-person and online via programs like Skype and "Roll20".

He's also an active Brony, his favorite pony is Rainbow Dash for a great list of reasons. He helps with the website Equestria Inspired (link below) and is also now is Head of "Mane Programming" and Head of Gaming for the Brony convention "Midwestria" (l;ink below) set to take place for the first time September 14-16th 2012

He's quite the avid practitioner of the Druid religion, that which he became an Ordained ArchDruid October 17th, 2009, and dreams to someday run his own Grove, so that he may spread the joy and happiness that he feels religion seems to have forgotten over the years.

A proud Eagle Scout, he is also an active member of Lake Area Furry Friends. He is semi-bilingual as he loves languages and understanding them at their cores, he is fluent in English and can speak rather fluent Spanish (though he claims not to be as fluent as it may sound!)

Steel used to host a 24/7 online radio channel he calls "Club Yiff," where he played a variety of music from techno, trance and video game music, to a bit of rock.

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