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StarrBucks was a coffee house on Castro just north of The Lining in Tapestries. Both properties were owned by the same person, Banner. Originally Starrbucks was an attempt at a place for artists and writers to converse and was proposed (with the permission of the wizards) as a 'sex free' zone. This later experiment was dropped as it was deemed useless by both the owner and the wizards, and contrary to the best nature of the MUCK.


StarrBucks was created December 29th 1997, to serve two purposes, the first as listed above was to be a coffee house for artists and writers to converse. The second was to provide housing for those that needed it. Above StarrBucks were several floors of rooms that can be let to those in need.

StarrBucks was deleted when The Lining was deleted by WhiteWizard on April 15th 2007 by means of @purge which deleted all objects Banner owned at the time on the MUCK.[1] Banner has apologized to those he could for the loss of their rooms, he did not expect such extreme measures.


The first floor contained the Coffee House, and a few rooms in a hallway off the back. There were several floors above that, as well as a Basement. On the roof was both a small landing for those who come in from the sky, as well as a hangar for JediSkunk's X-Wing fighter. The top floor penthouse of StarrBucks was also occupied by JediSkunk.


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