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Starphoenix, also known as BJ-Phoenix (real name Ben; born 20 March 1986), is a British furry artist.


Starphoenix is a centrist libertarian and is spiritual agnostic, as he does not follow organized religion.

Starphoenix has is a fan of Anime and Manga, specially the Japanese series One Piece. he also spends most of his down time working out and training for combat sports which he participates in on a regular basis.

Starphoenix is a huge fan of music, and his art, writing and life outlook are heavily influenced by his love of such music bands and singers as Nas, Yoko Kanno, Big Pun, Eyehategod, Orange Goblin, Soundgarden, Ozric Tentacles and Diane Arkenstone among others.

He portrays himself in a Mafioso/Gangster manner, and will use violent subjects in his art from time to time. He is mated to his girlfriend Anna (HunBun).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Starphoenix has been involved with the fandom for over 15 years, going on hiatus from it from 2007 to 2008. He dislikes some of the more excessive or extremists aspects of the fandom and its enablers,[clarify] and considers furry something to be simply enjoyed as the Anime or Sci-Fi fandoms.


Starphoenix's fursona is a very large muscular Phoenix around 12 feet (3.65 meters) tall. An admiral of the seas, and a mob boss type figure, his character was influenced from various mainstream cultural sources such as the character Whitebeard and admirals of the show "One Piece" , and such themed films as Scarface and other mafia/yakuza movies.


Starphoenix's art is mostly traditional that often involves heavy use of shadows and ink to create bold art using markers blends and a much heavier inking and coloring method to create a more ethereal dreamlike look. His art often contains a degree of symbolism to it. Sometimes he will approach his art subject and design with an intense punkish/Diy[clarify] by disregarding rules of penciling and coloring, giving his work a slightly rough feel.

He frequently covers such subjects as Anime, Fantasy, Horror, Eroticism, and Science Fiction. He has a fondness for mermaids, and has a preference to portray women in a dreamlike, and often positive, manner.

Starphoenixes main non-furry artistic influences include Todd Macfarlane, Charles Vess, Mark Ecko,[who?] Gil Elvgren, Scott Williams,[who?] Luis Rojo, Milo Manara and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, while his furry influences include Jeremy Bernal, Den, Doug Winger, Dr Comet and Steve Martin.

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