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Kannos (previously Starfinder and Astray) is an anthro artist who lives in Southern California, U.S.A. She creates very detailed images, usually digital. Her Inkbunny profile includes "Fursona Species: Wolf-Dog (Kannos), Coyote/Wolf (Star)" as of 2012.[1] She listed her species as "Wolf-hybrid" on Fur Affinity;[2] previously she represented herself as a CoyWolf.

Kannos is also a photographer specializing in portraits and the occasional nature shot.[3]

Kannos was slated to be a guest of honor for FurFest Northwest in 2006 before that event's cancellation.


Art scam accusations[edit]

Kannos (as Starfinder) was accused of taking money for commissions, conbadges, and sketches, and failing to deliver the final product. She was also accused of "losing" artwork and generally breaching contract, [4][5][6][7] which let critics to circulated an online petition to ban her from selling artwork at Further Confusion 2006 due to her poor track record; this garnered 90 signatures. [8]

Kannos asserted in 2007 that her recent track record with commissions had been good, with several satisfied customers and work completed on or before a deadline. Recent commissions she was unable to finish have been refunded in full. In January 2007, she said that she was "working to resolve everything with everyone", and requested that anyone who had not received their commission promptly contact her and give a description of the unreceived piece so that she may complete it. [9] However, 2 months after her statement, customer complaints resumed.[10]

Artists Beware[edit]

Posts about Kannos/Starfinder on artists_beware have been made from 2003 through to 2011 by various posters. As of March 2011, there were 17 posts in that community tagged "artist-starfinder/-star-/astray/kannos".[11] Of these, three posts are tagged "resolved".[12]

In June 2010, a poster to artists_beware stated: "I've also been speaking with her over notes/IMs for a while about the other issues that have been brought up by other people, and she requested that I let everybody know that if you have an outstanding commission with her, that you should politely (emphasis here) send her a note on FA regarding said commission."[13]

Art style swipes[edit]

Around 2002, Kannos was accused of copying other artists' poses and styles, [14] and of tracing photographic models.[15]

FurAffinity suspension[edit]

In April 2011, kayla_la posted to Artists Beware

I have been speaking with Dragoneer on FA about Starfinder and her scamming. He has told me he is making her give refunds, and that she will be banned if she doesn't, and doesn't give them in a reasonable timeframe.[16]
Dragoneer mentioned in a comment that "when she was brought back initially an admin was assigned to work with her, and people were getting art, getting feedback and from our perspective things were going okay."[17]

On May 8, kayla_la posted an update stating "Dragoneer has informed me that he is giving her until the 13th, next Friday, to make good progress or she will be banned."[18]

Kannos was indefinitely banned from Fur Affinity on August 29, 2008 due to "repeated non-compliance with the rules regarding providing credit to very closely referenced sources and lack of communication regarding this matter."[19] On January 27, 2009 an account -Star- was registered and contained artwork previously published under the name Starfinder; the account was later suspended[20]

On the day of her suspension, she posted a journal claiming that the further delay was a result of unexpected vet bills and began to solicit further donations to help pay them.

This was highly unexpected and has hit us very hard, especially since I have halted ALL new commissions (those who were on the queue before and I've spoken with are fine) until I can finish up my backlog work and be 100% caught up. So, in short, I am essentially unemployed until the backlog is done and have no source of income to recover from these bills. I hate to resort to asking for any sort of help/handouts, but at this point, I don't have much of a choice.[21]
This journal entry and all other contact information regarding commissions or payments were no longer visible on Fur Affinity by the following day.

Dragoneer commented on May 15, 2011:

The ban was placed earlier today, and we exchanged some e-mails back and forth. She didn't seem the least bit concerned about actually being banned, more upset about the fact I didn't permit her to accept new commissions on the site.

I don't know if the dog/vet thing is true, but what I do know is that any time she's pressured she has an excuse for everything.[22]


Inkbunny supension[edit]

On May 19th, Kannos posted to her Inkbunny account that she will be "uploading work to this account again, starting with backlog stuff."[23] Two days later, her journal post stated "I'm staggering it right now where I post a few backlogs, then take an equal or lesser amount of commissions, then more backlogs. That way it is fair. People get their art and I still can afford to eat and live. "[24]

In August 2012 she posted:

In light of recent events where a user has been going around and harassing my commissioners, trying to persuade them to not buy art from me because I 'don't deserve their money', despite my tried and true 'pay upon completion' policy and strong track record with it, I will now be changing my commission policy.

Anyone who wishes to reserve a slot for a commission must PM me to do it. Please do NOT comment on my journals anymore, since this person seems to like harassing those that do. I will also not post names in regards to who has a slot; instead I will simply mark the slot as 'Taken'.[25]


On May 31, 2013, Kannos posted

if there are any folks watching from waaaaayy back, years ago, who haven't received their art from me (back before I adopted the 'pay upon complete' policies that work so well now) please send me a PM/note or e-mail me [...] so I can work on getting your stuff out to you! This applies to people who commissioned stuff years ago, since all the current works are now pay upon complete and handled differently.[26]

As of May 2015, Kannos' profile on Inkbunny includes "Administrative Notice - This account has been suspended after several complaints about outstanding commissions that were never delivered and general lack of communication from the artist towards their customers."[27]

Testimonials requested[edit]

On May 14, 2013, Kannos posted to Inkbunny:

I was able to get some info from an awesome FA admin about the whole ban appeal process and to help support my case, I am reaching out to all of you on here who have commissioned me and were happy with the work I did and the whole 'pay upon complete' process that I work with. [...]

I've done a LOT of commissions here on Inkbunny over the past 1.5-2 years (just take a look at my gallery) and, since my business policy is to request payment only once the work is completed, I know that those who have received work from me were certainly happy with what they got (otherwise I wouldn't have been paid for the job!)[28]


On May 30, kannoswd stated in a comment on an artists_beware post

That journal was NOT meant to be a 'let's dredge up the past and review what I did way back when" type of thing. That journal was meant to highlight my activities on the Inkbunny website in the past 2 years. It was meant to showcase solid proof of my complete change in both business practices and client relations.[29]

She commented:

I've grown up and moved past my stupid mistakes that I made in the past and have made a HUGE improvement in my overall demeanor, business practices, professionalism, etc. It would be nice now if you guys drop the 'lynch mob' mentality towards me and acknowledge this. I do not deserve to be 'in limbo forever'. I have made amends where I could (and am willing to continue to do so if people actually contact me to make amends with whoever else remains) and I have demonstrated a rock solid business model for the past 2 years. That has to count for something.[30]

On the same date, Kannos made a post to Artists_Beware titled "Starfinder - Past Due Shout Out" where she stated

My new business model (well, not that new, it's been around for 2 years now) of 'pay upon complete' has been widely successful over on Inkbunny with 180+ commissions being completed that way, and the number continues to grow with each passing day. While the volume of commissions isn't enough to sustain all my bills/living expenses, it's certainly enough to cause people to take notice. I apologize to those who have fallen between the cracks using the old method years ago and would like to make sure they get something nice in the end.[31]


In late October 2012, Kannos posted

I'm also on Weasyl now, so stop by and check it out :)


I will be posting my newer stuff on both IB and Weasyl, but some of the older things won't be brought over to Weasyl just to keep the gallery from being too cluttered.[32]



Kannos stated in a May 2013 journal post on Inkbunny "this account is under the name of one of my OCs, Kannos, who is a male wolf-dog. The character in my art that actually represents the real me is a female coyote/wolf/hawk hybrid named Star."[33]


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