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Star Trek Furry Union is an online creative-storytelling role-play community, set in an alternate Star Trek universe with bipedal intelligent animals in place of Terrans and humanoid aliens, though really alien aliens are unchanged. The community exists to tell a coherent interesting story and have fun doing it.

Roleplaying style[edit]

The style of role-playing we use is based of a theatrical model rather than a tradition game model. Players do have their own characters, but the objective is to tell an enjoyable story rather than to "win". Depth of role-playing and creativity is actively encouraged with good examples, but not required. Only a few basic rules are enforced to maintain consistency with the Star Trek Universe and the real world scientific laws of physics and biology (where not overridden in Star Trek to good effect).

All website content is rated for content if not appropriate for general audiences and placed in an appropriately rated area. Sex and violence is allowed to happen in the universe, but it is not a slash or slasher fiction community and avoids referring to canon characters where possible.


The denizens of the Star Trek Furry Universe are all animals in various stages of anthropomorphism, from the half-feral Whitefang Wolves to the most civilized Vulcan Sehlat. There are no Hyoomins. Instead Terrans can be just about any non-extinct terrestrial animal species. Aliens can also be terrestrial species with alien features or alien animals like the Klingon Targ and the Vulcan Sehlat, or they can even have hybrid or mythical features. Already Furry species such as Gorn and Caitians are left unchanged as are real alien aliens like the Horta.

USS Deliverance Timeline[edit]

The main storyline is a breakaway from the normal continuity based on an alternate Dominion War that did not end in a nice neat treaty. The community instead wanted something that would turn the Dominion war into a Teddy Kennedy style "quagmire" the size of the Gamma Quadrant.

There was no cure for the Mutagenic disease that plagued the Founders. Vorta scientists were able to prolong the lives of the Founders, prolonging the war to last 8 long years before the remaining founders finally succumbed to the disease.