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Stallon Becket (pronounced Sta-lone Beck-it, born July 6, 1977)[1] is a digital media furry artist, 3D modeler, freelance video game designer, and multimedia specialist. He is of Asian decent, born in Hawaii, U.S.A., and lives in Alabama.

Stallon has an Associate's degree in Media Arts and a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. He has also had military service with the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He has a preference for PC games, MMORPGs, and tabletop Role Playing Games.


Stallon's fursona is a 5'2"-tall, white and orange/brown Maine Coon housecat. He has distinctly-shaped markings on his face that go under his eyes and around his mouth. His ears are white and tipped with orange, and he is sometimes depicted as having a tuft of hair on his head. His tail is two and a half feet long and patterned with white, black, and orange/brown fur.

Stallon's usual clothing consists of a grey t-shirt, trench coat with rolled up sleeves, and cargo pants tucked into boots. On occasion, he is depicted with fingerless gloves wielding a variety of weapons, from katanas to dual pistols.


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