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Stalag '99 is a webcomic that debuted in September of 1999, before moving to its current location on Comic Genesis in 2000. It currently updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The strip is written and drawn by Kelly 'STrRedWolf' Price, with some scripts co-written by Leslie Rashana, Xilimyth, Mia Fillene, and Xavious Archangel. It follows the exploits of RedWolf, a shapeshifting WolfSkunk, and hir friends: Sandra Felis (another shapeshifting Dryger), Terry Pinn (a terrapin), Dr. Mikail Markov (a four-armed, or Nali, Dryger), and Cynthia Trickster (a four armed coyote). RedWolf is an Admiral in the Canmephian military, currently serving as an ambassador for Earth (named "Sol 3") in the Sol 3 year 2400 (Canmephian year 6000).

Many comic-related items are in separate wikis, including the Comic Genesis Wiki (Stalag '99 entry) and the dedicated Canmephian Public Library wiki. The latter describes the Canmephian species used in the comic.

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